large beta fish up close - what to do when beta fish gets stuck

What To Do When Your Betta Gets Stuck To The Filter Intake

Ever since I bought the Petco Hex Aquarium for my betta, I have noticed that he often gets stuck to the filter intake. It’s not like it sucks him in from across the tank, but when he swims by, it’ll catch him by the fins and he will sit there for 30 minutes at a time. I’m not sure if he likes to be sucked to the side of the filter because he can easily swim away from it, but I decided to be cautious just in case.

Remove The Filter

One of the most obvious things you can do is remove the filter from the tank. Most two gallon tanks (that’s what mine is) don’t require a filter, but that’s the entire reason I purchased this specific tank. If the filter is required, it will need some modifications.

Buy a Different Filter

If your tank is versatile enough that you can buy a less-powerful filter, this would be the easiest fix next to removing the filter completely. It seems like the filter in my two gallon tank would be powerful enough to filter a 5-10 gallon tank.

Buy a Foam Cover

The route I will be taking (after I find a foam cover to fit my special HOB filter), is to purchase a foam cover to place over the intake. These are commonly used for shrimp and fry breeders so the babies don’t get sucked up into the filter. I found a fairly generic foam cover on That Pet Place and it’s about $4 for a 3-pack.

Ignore The Problem

Unless your betta is showing physical signs of injury or dislike towards the filter (acting depressed, sitting on the bottom of the tank, not eating), then you could always just ignore it. I honestly think my betta likes sitting on the filter, but you can never be sure since fish cannot talk.

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